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This entity, registering on the Mangu – Innovation platform as the “Buyer” on the one part, and the digital electronic advertising Exchange “Mangu – Innovation” (hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”), acting on the basis of the ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION of the virtual business project of “AQL EGALARI” LLC, on the other part, have entered into the contract as follows.


1.1. The “Seller”, on the basis of the “Buyer” requirement, shall sell each pixel on the website as an advertising space - a digital asset, project bonds, at a set price at the rate of One “Mangu” on the day of payment. “Buyer”, after making payment for “Mangu” purchased in accordance with established procedure to the appropriate bank account, shall be considered to be participated in this contract.

1.2. Pixels purchased, advertising banners to be placed on the area of the wallet shall be an integral part of the Contract.

1.3. Each “Buyer”, in turn, shall be an investor, a shareholder of the Mangu-Innovation Project, and shall receive a profit as the value of its own bonds changes.

1.4. “Buyer” as part of the Project shall be considered as an investor. Upon reaching the Investor’s pixels to 400 or more units, his/her banner will appear on the main area of the Platform - inside the “M” coin. After reselling a pixel to another subject, the advertisement object shall decrease or disappear completely.

1.5. Local or foreign investors, as individuals willing to buy pixels, can use any plastic card when buying. Only own plastic card shall be required for withdrawing money from the UZS wallet.

1.6. An investor after registering with Mangu Innovation digital electronic advertisement Exchange shall receive a special ID and a wallet, and specified ID shall become his/her mark of conformity.

1.7. There are 1017125 (one million seventeen thousand one hundred twenty-five) invariable pixels - bonds in Mangu-Innovation project.

1.8. Business owners with legal status shall cooperate with the owners of the Brands by entering into a separate additional agreement hereto.


2.1. Advertising products shall comply with the requirements of the Law “On advertising”, and the address of the hypertext link shall be a site not prohibited in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

2.2. After appearing the investor’s pixels on the site as assets, in the event of a change in the size of the wallet to be occupied by him/her to another banner, posts of advertising source or virtual link contradicting the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan (propagating war and riot, causing intrigues, relating to pornography), shall equate to zero without warning him/her and may result in up to taking the measures prescribed by law.

2.3. Each pixel purchased in a digital wallet shall be the property of the Investor until December 31, 2028. The Investor shall be entitled to transfer, sell, donate or keep as a legacy to the successors the pixels at a high or low cost. In this regard, the Base shall reserve the right to withhold interest for the transaction.

2.4. The deadline “December 31, 2028” with the improvement of Innovation according to world Internet standards may be extended by the “Seller” for an indefinite period or completely canceled later on.

2.5. According to this Contract, the Investor shall voluntarily activate its own electronic pixels as electronic assets. He/she may sell them in Exchange’s on-line mode at a desired price to another Investor or by agreement may pay for the products or services of one of the Brands in UZS from a digital wallet or assets.

2.6. The Investor shall reserve the right to leave the project at any time at a nominal value (price). Forced sale shall not be allowed on Mangu-Innovation platform.

2.7. In case of a transaction from the wallet with Mangu assets to the empty Mangu wallet, the new owner of the pixels becomes participated in this Contract and all the requirements, rights and obligations shall be fully transferred to him/her. In the absence of an asset in the wallet during resale, the contract shall be considered to be canceled.

2.8. Each Investor can buy back only a limited number of assets in its special digital wallet. The Base can regularly change the border in relation to the amount of these pixels to be managed by the wallet.

2.9. It is strictly prohibited to open and use the wallet on behalf of family members or another person.

2.10. In case revealing that a wallet had been managed by one person on behalf of others, evidence shall be provided by means of an IP address or other grounds and the assets shall be equal to the face value and the return of money shall be enforced at face value. In this case, this person shall be completely excluded from participation in innovation.


3.1. Pixels shall be sold only through electronic payments and transfers, and assets that have been released from the base for sale, according to the agreement, will be circulated in the online Exchange system.

3.2. By direct transfer of money to the wallet “ID: A1”- a special plastic card of UzCard system belonging to the Administrator under the number “8600120425148833” to be used “Only for buying and selling pixels and UZS in the digital wallet of the platform” where purchase of a pixel or replenishment of the digital wallet with UZS can be carried out in accordance with the appropriate procedure.

3.3. The “Buyer”, in the event of a change in his/her contact details (plastic card, phone number, email), shall immediately change the information through his/her personal account.


4.1. Each Mangu pixel purchased from the Base shall be paid in UZS from a digital wallet at the basic rate of one “Mangu”.

4.2. Payment shall be made in UZS for citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in foreign currencies - for foreign residents, for legal entities - on the basis of a separate contract by money transfer.

4.3. Citizens of other countries and foreign investors can become “Buyers” through payment systems related to “”. In this respect, payments shall be made by converting funds into UZS at the foreign exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of payment. Commission payments shall be made by the buyer.


5.1. The “Buyer” at his/her own discretion in the future under agreements serving to the benefit of the enterprise and the site, may donate pixels to his/her partners, information assistants and other legal entities.

5.2. According to donation, pixels can be transferred to the Brand only as a place for advertising for a certain period of time with the condition of return.


6.1. The parties shall bear the property responsibility for the incomplete or partial performance of this Contract.

6.2. The property liability of the parties shall be determined by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the contractual legal framework of activities of economic entities” and the “Civil Code” of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The “Seller” shall not be responsible for any restrictions to be imposed by the government on Internet and the technical situations to be occurred in “UZ” domain.

6.3. In the event of a bankruptcy of the project, a completion for a specific reason, AQL EGALARI LLC shall undertake to disburse funds to its Investors - the owners of pixels for each pixel at the initial starting nominal value.


7.1. The Parties shall not be responsible for the failure to fulfill obligations under the Contract in case of circumstances beyond their control and the impossibility of their elimination.

7.2. The party shall immediately notify the other in writing on the occurrence and completion of force majeure circumstances.

7.3. In case of any technical failures related to the Internet, the site shall continue its work after elimination of failures.


8.1. In the event of a conflict or in case of a need for audit, this public offer shall be considered as a contract, and all of its participants who have voluntarily registered, shall be considered to be participated in it.

8.2. All disputes arising from obligations shall be resolved by the parties by their mutual agreement.

8.3. Disputes being not settled shall be considered by the Tashkent city court in accordance with established procedure.


9.1. All amendments and additions to the above clauses of the Contract, if they are considered to the benefit of the “Buyer shall be published on Mangu.Uz platform and its social networks. In other cases, important communications relating to the Contract shall be sent to the e-mail of the “Buyer” or communicated by phone as agreed.

9.2. Relations of the parties not covered by this Contract shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

“Mangu – Innovation” Republic of Uzbekistan, 100152, Tashkent city, the Uchtepa district, Foziltepa street, bldg. 14-“A”. Outstanding point: The Uchtepa district khokimiyat. Bank account: 20208000200403440001 MFO 00981 Private joint-stock commercial bank “Davr bank” АB INN (TIN) 303094134

Сall Center: (+99871) 200-87-88 Phone: (+99897) 343-08-88.