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About project

Mangu (MG) _ - is an innovation point - a pixel, in terms of legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, expressing advertising, and according to its capabilities a trend being considered to be the first virtual electronic exchange bond, a digital asset. For this purpose, business owners and owners of Brands can buy pixels by means money transfer based on the legal contract entered into according to an individual procedure while individuals can buy pixels having reviewed the terms of the public offer, through registration and by depositing money to a digital wallet. Individuals on the basis of funds received from the resale of Mangu pixels can make payment for products and services of Brands located on Mangu - Innovation platform or cash out pixels in Exchange online mode through other participants.

A relatively small number of pixels amounting 1017125 units, means that in the future the pixels will not be emitted and the limitation in most cases indicates that the cost of Mangu may increase. It is guaranteed that the nominal value of Mangu will not fall below the value of 1000 UZS, which started on March 1, 2018, and the growth rate is not limited. 

The innovation will be improved by selling Mangu pixels to Brands as a place for advertising and promotion of the project and trade turnover within them by means of pixels, UZS turnover in Mangu web stores connected to the platform, as well as by charging them for services.

For participants as individuals, Mangu pixels are not promised dividends, it is an electronic exchange bond on which it is possible to make a profit by paying for the products and services of the Brand at the rate of 1 Mangu, but legally is a place for PR-advertising, promotion, innovative loan of an organization with a price changing due to a limited number.

Despite the fact that the operating methods are similar, Mango differs from cryptocurrencies and bitcoins by its transparency and clarity, moreover, it is considered as a new, convenient innovative project that can compete with them. Inside the coin “M” there is a certain number of 1017125 unchanged, not issuable pixels.  The expansion of Mangu’s capabilities in the consumer market, the decrease in the number of pixels sold, the increase in the number of Brands of business owners and businessmen directly determines the growth of Mangu’s value.

Advantages and differences from bitcoins: the official entering into the contract by the owners of pixels and the obligation of self-presentation prevents illegal money circulation. In Mangu innovation only personal information about the buyer is concentrated in the Base, the volume and amount of transactions (money transfers) are not controlled. After the sale of all the pixels available on the Mangu electronic exchange, the Exchange continues its sale and purchase activities.

Today, when electronic money takes the place of paper money, Mangu is both a new method of advertising and an innovative project that is gradually implemented to enter the Internet market as a national electronic monetary system, as well as it is the first step towards the national electronic currency system in Uzbekistan.

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After opening the digital wallet, “Mangu” pixels can be bought through such local payment systems as “PayMe”, “UzCard”, as well as through international payment instruments “Payeer”.

Efforts are underway to connect to the system “Webmoney” “Yandex” money, “Qiwi”.

The activities of Mangu.Uz platform are approved by the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the recommendation letter of the National Agency of Project Management under the President.

Activity is carried out on the basis of the certificate No. 000245 of AQL EGALARI LLC registered in 2014 in the Tashkent region in the register under No.3655, the certificate under No.00317 issued on April 30, 2018 by the Mirzo-Ulugbek Innovation Center. 

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Address: Tashkent city, the Uchtepa district, Foziltepa street, bldg. 14-“A”. 

Outstanding point: The Uchtepa district khokimiyat.

Hot line for inquiries about the project:

+998 71 200-87-88.

Phone number for legal entities with regard to a contract:

+998 97 343-08-88.

National virtual progress with 

Attention: platform for the first time is in Uzbekistan based on the system of digital pixels.

Financial stability, the flow of potential customers with Mangu pixels!

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Manufacturers, businessmen and entrepreneurs, business owners having a Brand name and willing to further glorify this name!

Ladies and gentlemen, appreciating, first of all, your company, then – innovation and advertising!...

Mangu is a sensational innovative platform aimed at combining the best Brands, allocating space in the area for their advertising for a period of 10 years in return for a single payment to increase sales and improve the reputation of entrepreneurs and manufacturers by attracting potential customers through a new method.

So, what is the advantage of “Mangu”?

Innovative method - the purchase of your products for electronic money by the owners of Mangu pixels, who are individuals, will bring you a stream of innovative customers. Accepting payment with Mangu is a new approach to the willingness of the client, which will further popularize the name of your Brand. The most important point - you will be one of the first in the Innovative Trend!

The newest method for the consumer tired of the monotonous methods of advertising, which will surely attract a new and profitable idea. Even the most indifferent Internet user interested in acquiring a pixel on the Mangu.Uz platform at least once will visit and view the site. Thus, your Brand will definitely attract his/her attention as well.

Cost-effective method - Now you will not make monthly payment for a certain amount of the appearance of your advertisement. And, the flow of buyers once increased, will not cease to grow. The place bought for advertisement will be given to you for a period of 10 years. The most important point is as much earlier you buy pixels as less payment will be made.  As the Mangu platform improves and popularizes, the rate changes. 

A useful method - you can change the banner on the area occupied by you and the links attached to it through your personal account as needed. The most important aspect: as an internal shareholder of the project and a monopolist, in the future you can sell your place - pixels on the exchange.

The conceptual method - Mangu, on the basis of a competitive environment and new ideas of the market approach, making proposals to enhance the reputation and potential of your Brand, together with you carries on a campaign.

Your name with the most anticipated Mangu project in 2019 will forever shine in the sky of business.

Are you an entrepreneur?! Right now buy at a low price tokens of Exchange of the innovative advertisement!  Your name with the most anticipated Mangu project in 2019 will forever shine in the sky of business.